MBA Tutoring: Strategy, Change Management, International Management

The “MBA Tutors” in facebook/MBA-Education is a platform to let young entrepreneurs, business practitioners or learners who have interest in the “Strategy” topics, especially about “Internet Marketing Strategy”.

This knowledge management media is not simply a networking platform for MBA fans. It also can let business friends to learn from each others, updating status of their successful achievements, sharing their business philosophies or wisdoms of success, and organizing activities and social gathering events etc.

Apart from networking with MBA Tutors, free tutorials would be shared online for some selected fans. Advices in MBA Strategic Management; Change Management; and International Management studies would be posted from time to time; such as the typical misconceptions/ errors/ mistakes made by students, to help shifting to new paradigm with a balance of innovative mind.

Ultimately, this would be a networking platform for business people to grasp opportunities and seek long term business partners, if they would like to synergize by unlashing their strengths together under an open heart culture in this social networking media.

Why not leverage your strengths meaningfully if you have great experience to share with others using this process to inspire for insights to improve?

See this article in


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