3 R’s Leadership Wisdom to Sustain Your Strong Team

To Respect, Reinforce Righteousness, and Recharge your team 

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1.      Respect the teams – Serve your valuable team members well to encourage synergy

God created human beings and he always likes us to respect and love each others.  I trust that you would agree the purpose of our business on earth is to keep our life going on meaningfully – leverage our talents and gifts to improve our living environments and conditions.  I don’t think it’s necessary to remind about the hierarchy of human needs asserted by Maslow.

No matter what leadership styles we choose to lead our teams in business organizations, profit making or not-for-profit, conflicts may be easily created when our value, verbal or facial expressions are not received or interpreted in a positive manner – I emphasize “received” or “interpreted” but not “delivered” because we must put our hats on as our receivers before we express anything, not pushing but by pulling! 

I would suggest us to think about the following before taking our actions:

  • What exactly is our objective?
  • What do they need to do if we take this drive?
  • Would it help build/ enhance relationship?

This certainly works, especially for the experts in high tech organization teams e.g. NASA.

“Even if we can’t motivate everyone, but NEVER de-motivate anyone by the absence of respect!” because

“Positive culture is hard to lead formally, but negative culture is easy to form by informal groups”.


2.      Reinforce righteousness – Integrity, Walk the talks, Don’t tolerate your credibility

I almost can guarantee that sometimes we will lose in short-term because of upholding our integrity.  But we need to win the heart of people for long-term instead.  Live a healthy life is our most important thing on top of winning or losing in monetary value: with health we can keep making money, but money can’t buy us health, and we actually can’t enjoy our wealth without a healthy life. 

Liars can never stop telling lies and end up in suffering from lots of pains.  They can only get over it in peace if refrain from the cheating game value, the same application to business.

“Making money is important for business, but it’s not the most important thing in long term to grow and sustain!”


3.      Recharge your team – Keep work life balance with renewable energy for continual improvement towards excellence

The real meaning of competition is to improve our life, but not fighting for live and death amongst ourselves.  No matter how tough we are, there is a time needs for recharge by love and care.  Between God and the devil, mercy is the one way gift to build life rather than wrecking.  If we can understand this, our source of value for our drive to excellence will be excellent!

This article is not something about far away principles, high level knowledge, or ideal theories that never would happen on earth.  There is a real life successful case – a toys manufacturing company is implementing such wisdoms in Hong Kong and China.  If you really like to explore how it works for them, we can go studying together with you.

Just join us in http://www.facebook.com/pages/MBA-Education/330831547284

“Remember, we’re wise human beings on business. Making profit is not like being the beast killing in the jungle – though some might depict the business world as a jungle battle field!”

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As Featured On EzineArticles


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